Found in Sydney, Australia in 2006, Glimlife is a Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter and Distributor of fine quality skin care and health food products. Our brands are: Glimlife(general well-being ), Honeylife, Poweroll, Maleboostplus.

We offer our clients health and vitality is success to us. Our active team is constantly researching new methods to improve health and quality of life through oral and external well-being products. We are applauded for our creativity in formulating new and advanced products before others, thus setting trends in product development. Because of this we have seen rapid progress through the quality of our products and the satisfaction experienced by our customers.

Our Australian GMP Manufacturing ensures all the supplementary medicine products are manufactured in and registered with Australia ARTG. We formulate natural medicine through experienced Doctor, chemists and naturopaths. For 30 years of experience from the Director, our product is available in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, UK, France, Holland, Vietnam, Macau, China and Hong Kong.

Research & Production

Glimlife integrates both Chinese and Western medicine along with modern science, cutting edge research & development, biotechnology, and a state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facility to yield safe and effective products.

In the course of product design and development, Glimlife researches the functionality and chemistry of botanical, vitamin, mineral and food ingredients; techniques and forms for combining ingredients to provide an acceptable product experience for the consumer; process techniques for the successful, uniform and reliable conversion of ingredients into the desired finished product; and clinical studies of ingredient or product efficacy.

Our Team

Glimlife’s structure is composed of research & product development, production, distribution, Sales and marketing, with a convergence of talents in various fields.

Our professional R & D, manufacturing team consisting of medical experts from around the world, top scientists and senior practitioners, are combining the western and eastern herbs to develop a generation of remarkable effectiveness of health products.

High quality control:

Following Australian GMP guidelines, as well as meeting ARTG and FDA guidelines allows a quality finished product that is manufactured, packaged, and labeled in a consistent and reproducible manner. Prior sending out the products, all products are inspected by our Quality Assurance team to ensure all products identity, purity, strength and consistency.


Honeylife, Australia bee product is highly prized and recognized for its superior quality throughout the world. Australia’s wide open spaces, its clean natural environment and summer weather offer perfect conditions for the production of bee honey nectar.

POWEROLL® is one of the Australian leading pain relievers and our company has always prided itself on its ability to create new consumer products based on Glimlife’s comprehensive research, development, manufacturing, and sales capabilities. our product range includes Joint boost - Glucosamine, Calcium and Vitamin D, and Fish oil, and specialis POWEROLL® Emu Oil, COOL and HOT.

Glimlife, is developed by one of the leading manufacturers of health supplements and skincare products in Australia. 

Male Boost Plus, is specifically formulated to support normal male sexual function, aid sexual performance and support normal male erectile function and libido in healthy men. It is a herbal and nutritional support designed to support and enhance masculine needs, balances and supports normal male physiology and function and may be beneficial in satisfying physiological requirements of the male body.



Glimlife Awarded the Premier's NSW Export Awards

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